Bones and All

June 12th – 16th

Can you tell this tail bone comes from a T-rex? Where do fossils come from? Just how big is a velociraptor? So many questions…at just the right time! Burritt welcomes your young paleontologist to our dinosaur-themed camp, Bones and All! Join us as we use a microscope to learn about details in nature, dig for some “dinosaur bones”, create an erupting volcano, study some “dinosaur eggs”, hike our trail to find limestone “pancakes” and fossils, and much more! Packed full of silly crafts, outside adventures, and yummy snacks, your young paleontologist will have a roaring good time!

Registration deadline: June 6th at 10pm

Have Questions? 

Contact Alice Kirsch, alice.kirsch@huntsvilleal.gov or 256-512-0148.

  • Do you need to drop your child off earlier? Select the specific days you need. Early drop off is available starting at 7:30 am.
  • Do you need to pick up your child late, after the program has finished? Stay is until 5:30 pm.
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