Into the Woods  

June 20th – 23rd

Come learn about the forest and the stories it has to tell. Explore our wooded nature trails and discover how the forest has changed since the 1800s. Uncover the resources the woods provide that can be used to create crafts and needed tools. We will also encounter the friendlies of the forest like helpful birds, insects, flowers, and other animals. It will be a week full of fun friends, new games, creative crafts, and lots of time in the woods.

Registration deadline: June 13th at 10pm

Have Questions? 

Contact Alice Kirsch, alice.kirsch@huntsvilleal.gov or 256-512-0148.

  • Do you need to drop your child off earlier? Select the specific days you need. Early drop off is available starting at 7:30 am.
  • Do you need to pick up your child late, after the program has finished? Stay is until 5:30 pm.
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