Staff & Board Of Directors

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Senior Staff

Leslie Ecklund, Chief Executive Officer

Teresa O’Malley, Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Pat Robertson, Chief Financial Officer

Tammy Cooney, Chief Programs Officer

Stephanie Timberlake, Chief Operating Officer/Curator

Caroline Kelly Buncick, Development Director

Elizabeth Jones, Marketing Director

Noel Saunders, Rental Director

Gina Hurst, Director of Hospitality

Cooper Murray, Special Events Director

2020-21 Board of Directors

Burritt on the Mountain is governed by a 17-member Board of Directors appointed by the City of Huntsville. The board’s primary responsibilities include:

  • Determine mission and purpose
  • Select the Chief Executive Officer
  • Support and evaluate the chief executive
  • Ensure effective planning
  • Monitor and strengthen programs and services
  • Ensure adequate financial resources
  • Protect assets and provide financial oversight
  • Build a competent board
  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity
  • Enhance the organization’s public standing

Burritt’s Board has been proactive in incorporating strong governance principles. The Board meets once a month as a whole and Board Members also serve on Governance, Finance, Executive, Development, and Personnel committees. Our directors sign a Conflict of Interest and a Code of Ethics Statement. Burritt has a Whistleblower and Document Destruction and Retention Policy, to be in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, even though this is not a requirement for non-profit organizations. Board Members may serve two, three-year terms of office.

Chair – Ann Kvach
Vice Chair – Dawn Pumpelly
Treasurer – Rick Hempstead
Secretary – Kelly Flowers
Governance – Paula Cushman

Bart Bankowski

John Eagan

Cindy Griner

Robert Lockwood

Alana Parker

Lindsey Perry

Dianne Reynolds

Nicole Schroer

Pat Sims

Jon Sharpe

Tammie Terry

Jason Thomas