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Thanks to our wonderful volunteers for all you do to make Burritt on the Mountain a very special place!

Volunteer of the Month: Lowell Zoller


October Volunteer of the Month: Lowell Zoller

Each month, Burritt on the Mountain recognizes a volunteer who goes above and beyond to assist our guests and staff.

This month, we are celebrating Lowell Zoller as Volunteer of the Month.

We greatly appreciate his time and efforts this year for his work on the preservation and ground committee and overseeing the building of the Bendickson Family Pavilion. Over the past 10 years, Lowell has made a tremendous difference in helping Burritt grow.

He is a Burritt Museum member and has served on the Burritt Memorial Committee and Advisory Council. He has also helped design installations for spring and summer exhibits, including Whimsical Woods, and he created a temporary gem display for Treasure Hunt at Gold Mountain.

Lowell has been instrumental in overseeing several of our recent construction projects as Burritt liaison, including Baron Bluff, Dorothy Davidson Rosenwald Schoolhouse and The View. He has a heart for Burritt!

Each year, he receives recognition for attaining more than 100 hours of volunteer service. He has been named Volunteer of the Month four times and Volunteer of the Year twice. Year to date, he has volunteered more than 200 hours.

We asked him to recall what led him to getting involved at Burritt. He said he was “conned” into helping Allie Swann on the Baron Bluff building project. “Before I knew it,” said Lowell, “I was entangled in a web of interesting and challenging projects and ‘assignments.’ What I find most rewarding about volunteering at Burritt is when I have the opportunity to interact with guests, especially children, when they show an excitement about discovering both the old and new that can be found right in their ‘backyard.’”

Lowell says it’s the energy, enthusiasm, and creativity of the people who work and volunteer at Burritt that make it a “living” and dynamic museum, not just a collection of artifacts. He also cited Burritt as having a rare combination of “activities, relaxation, and stunning beauty.”

Won’t you volunteer with us too?

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2020 Burritt Volunteer of the Year Award: Sari Oosta

Each year, Burritt on the Mountain recognizes a volunteer who goes above and beyond to assist our guests and staff. We are excited to announce Sari Oosta as the Volunteer of the Year.

In 2020, Sari volunteered approximately 200 hours focusing on the educational programming of the national women’s suffrage movement and the centennial celebration of 19th Amendment through presentations and exhibit at Burritt. Sari helps the Education Department with a variety of projects and programs and also is a mansion docent giving engaging historic information about Dr. Burritt and his unique home and current exhibits on display.

We greatly appreciate Sari’s valued time, energy, ideas and skills to help fulfill Burritt’s mission to enhance lives in our community.