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Thanks to our wonderful volunteers for all you do to make Burritt on the Mountain a very special place!

July Volunteer of the Month: Aidan Walker

Congratulations to Burritt’s July Volunteer of the Month, Aidan Walker

Aidan Walker has been interning in the Collections department since Sept 2023. She inventories the closets of the collection room, pairing items with files and completing any missing information. She recently has really enjoyed going through the variety of books that are in the collection and has found little personal notes from previous owners and even a $500 Confederate dollar bill tucked inside one book!

When asked why she got involved with Burritt she said that she was interested in being an intern archivist for a local museum and was put in touch with Stephanie and the rest is “history”.

Aidan says that the most rewarding part of working at Burritt is the preservation of Huntsville’s history. “I love knowing that by properly filing and cataloguing each piece, I’m ensuring that a piece of history won’t be forgotten. It makes it all the more impactful for me that the history is that of my own hometown. My favorite part is finding a handwritten note in the seams of a book, or a letter tucked away between the pages, some small piece of a person’s life that hasn’t been touched or read in 150 years. It feels like I’m ensuring that that person’s memory lives on, even if just in myself and the photographs that I take.”

Aidan believes that Burritt is “A little haven of history tucked away on top of a mountain, joining Huntsville’s people with both a rare and beautiful nature and the legacy left behind by those who came before. The Burritt Mansion, the School House, and the Historic Park being preserved in the style of the time gives visitors a glimpse into what living in each era would have been like. Offering a venue for Huntsville to come together and celebrate, as well as connecting with the local schools, keeps Burritt a focal point in the modern-day community. All of this, surrounded by the beauty of the Appalachians. It really is a remarkable place. “

Aidan is very detailed and organized, which are great attributes for an archivist, and she learns quickly. She loves history and is learning about Monte Sano’s history as well. She is always smiling and polite and a joy to work with and we look forward to her being here on Monday’s and Wednesday’s.

Congratulations Aidan, you are doing amazing work and are much appreciated.

For more information, please contact Volunteer Team Manager, Laura Wren, at laura.wren@huntsvilleal.gov or 256-705-3135.

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2023 Burritt Volunteer of the Year Award:  Al and Kate Drost

It is with great pleasure that we extend heartfelt congratulations to Al and Kate Drost for their well-deserved recognition as recipients of the Volunteer of the Year award. Their dedication to numerous special events at Burritt on the Mountain, has been nothing short of remarkable.

Al and Kate consistently demonstrate their willingness to lend a hand in any capacity necessary. Their approach is marked by courtesy and professionalism, setting a standard for others to follow. Notably, their invaluable contributions to Cocktails at The View have been instrumental in its success. Week after week, regardless of the weather, they pour their energy into ensuring the event’s smooth operation.

Words cannot adequately convey the depth of gratitude we feel towards both Al and Kate. They epitomize the essence of teamwork and embody the spirit of service. Their presence on the mountain is akin to discovering precious gems – rare, invaluable, and cherished.

Once again, congratulations to Al and Kate Drost. Your commitment to volunteerism is an inspiration to us all.