Volunteer Recognition

Volunteers of the Month

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers for all you do to make Burritt on the Mountain a very special place!

June- Judy Link

Each month, Burritt on the Mountain recognizes a volunteer who goes above and beyond to assist our guests and staff.

This month, we celebrate June’s Volunteer, Judy Link.

 Judy works faithfully because of her love and passion for Burritt on the Mountain and the people here.  Many, like Judy are here because they have a deep-rooted desire for volunteerism and helping others, not accolades.

First as a  member of Burritt, then as a volunteer, Judy has supported Burritt’s mission by giving of her resources, valued time and efforts. Her hard work at development and fundraising as a guild member, committee member, advisory council member and board member has helped the museum transform and expand over the years. We are so grateful for her life’s work at Burritt and the wealth of invaluable support.

When asked what her favorite volunteer experiences are, she said she likes them all, but a favorite and most rewarding is helping with City Lights and Stars Concert sponsor dinners and Holiday Magic dinners. This year celebrates 20 years of Judy helping to grow these programs. Not every organization can boast of having such a volunteer and we know how blessed we are to have her!

Judy can always be found at community charity events supporting Huntsville, but we are thankful that she loves and supports Burritt and believes in our mission…and we love her too! Judy is a great example of a Burritt Ambassador.

Many thanks,  Judy, for all you do, and for all you are about to do! We could not do it without you!


The entire Burritt on the Mountain staff

Past Winners

June 2020 – Judy Link
May 2020 – Burritt Family Members
April 2020 –Rocket City Regulators
March 2020 – Sandy River Ramblers
February 2020 – Angela Farmer
January 2020 – Bill Caudill
December 2019 – Kari Bosivert
November 2019 – Maria Camp
October 2019 – Carole and Richard Hamm
September 2019 – Joe Segatti
August 2019 – Abigail Moore
July 2019 – Trish Carpenter

2019 Allie Swann Summit Award

Joe Segatti

Joe is a new volunteer and has been a huge help to Burritt. He has logged almost 600 hours since June 2019. He has been a part of the Burritt Brigade on Monday’s fixing and repairing and the rest of the week he jumps in whenever he sees a need and is willing to help everyone. We thank Joe for his valued time and abilities to solve some of Burritt’s operational challenges. His service has positively impacted Burritt at every corner and in between.