Volunteer Recognition

Volunteers of the Month

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers for all you do to make Burritt on the Mountain a very special place!

October 2018

Christina Bagdazian

The October 2018 Volunteer of the Month is Christina Bagdazian. Christina is in the mansion every Tuesday morning working as a docent, cheerfully greets the guests and shares the history of the mansion. She even brings her many crafting talents with her for when she is not busy. Christina has been wonderful to work Holiday Magic and City Lights and Stars Concerts, too, and has also shared her talents with the Burritt Folk School. Christina jumped right in at Burritt after she moved here around two years ago and quickly became a wonderful asset to our programs.

Thank you for making a difference in the “quality of life” at Burritt on the Mountain!

Past Winners

September 2018 – Tiffany Unterholzer

August 2018 – Shaylee Dutro, Riley Alexander and Aemilia Sturgeon

July 2018 – Nancy Butler

June 2018 – Scott Mosley

May 2018 – Angela Farmer

April 2018 – Graham Foster and Michael Clark

March 2018 – Betty Cherry

February 2018 – Michael Dueck

January 2018 – Bryant Saiki

December 2017 – Phil Coker

November 2017 – Judy Berry

October 2017 – Ron Thomas

September 2017 – Lowell Zoller

August 2017 – Chloe Darden

July 2017 – Gabriella Stovall

June 2017 – Bob Felis

May 2017 – Kari Boisvert

April 2017 – Alabama A&M University’s Honors Program Volunteers, led by Kennedy Copeland

March 2017 – Hazel Green Culinary Arts Classes, led by Caitlyn Bowling

February 2017 – Jean Salter

January 2017 – Megan Anders

December 2016 – Patty Fitzgerald

November 2016 – Anne Sentell

Allie Swann Summit Award

The Allie Swann Award for 2017 goes to Ronold Thomas, for his dedication to Burritt on the Mountain. Ronold has been instrumental to Burritt. He staffs and/or organizes the blacksmith shop for our field trips, camps and special events in the Historic Park and has done so for over 10 years. We would be hard pressed to offer educational programs about blacksmithing without Ronold to share his time and talent. Ronold has also used his expertise to help kick off blacksmithing in the Batson Forge for our Folklife School. This included construct 3 new gas forges, repairing anvils and purchasing equipment. Ronold continuously repairs items and make new items for the Historic Park. Ronold makes you realize how important blacksmiths were to every community that popped up! Thank you Ronold for your service to Burritt and the community.

Frances Sisco Award

The Francis Sisco Volunteer of the Year 2017 award winner is Judy Berry. Judy Berry is a three year member in the guild. She jumped right in volunteering at Burritt. Judy is Meghan’s right hand helping with Homeschool Happenings. Her teacher skills are very useful in that setting. She has also assisted our instructors with our camp programs each season. Field trips can be added to Judy’s list of duties. Judy served during the holiday dinners and helped with crafts for Candlelight Christmas. Judy can be found directing cars in the parking lot during the concert series. She is always ready to squeeze us into her schedule! Thank you.