Volunteer Recognition

Volunteers of the Month

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers for all you do to make Burritt on the Mountain a very special place!

August 2017

Chloe Darden

Our August 2017 Volunteer of the Month is Chloe Darden.  Chloe is a junior in high school.  She worked over 180 camp hours for us this spring and summer.  Chloe has volunteered over 375 hours in our camp programs over the last three years.  She is such a responsible student and  a model volunteer.  Her own camp experiences as a child help make her a wonderful volunteer in our camp setting.  The staff and campers love having Chloe at camp!

Congratulations and Thank you!

Past Winners

July 2017 – Gabriella Stovall

June 2017 – Bob Felis

May 2017 – Kari Boisvert

April 2017 – Alabama A&M University’s Honors Program Volunteers, led by Kennedy Copeland

March 2017 – Hazel Green Culinary Arts Classes, led by Caitlyn Bowling

February 2017 – Jean Salter

January 2017 – Megan Anders

December 2016 – Patty Fitzgerald

November 2016 – Anne Sentell

Allie Swann Summit Award

The Allie Swann Award for 2016 goes to Lowell Zoller, for his dedication to Burritt on the Mountain. Lowell has been our right arm again this year-from directing the plans and construction on the Dorothy Davidson Rosenwald Schoolhouse to advising the education staff about a geology question. Lowell usually has the answer. Sometimes even another question! Lowell pays attention to the details, some things the rest of us would not even think about. He continues to be a leader that can get things done. Thank you Lowell for your service to Burritt and the community.

Frances Sisco Award

The Frances Sisco Award for 2016 goes to Linda Duncan. Our events have been influenced by her artistic touch. This includes arrangements in the cabins for the Holiday Magic Dinners for the last three years. Linda has also helped decorate the mansion during the holiday season over the last four years. Linda has a unique eye for the creative and artistic and has shared her creative visions for many of our events. Linda has also served on the Burritt Museum Guild board and been supportive of the Guild Presidents. Her kind, quiet nature enhances her work ethic.