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Volunteers of the Month

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers for all you do to make Burritt on the Mountain a very special place!

Volunteer of the Month: AnaGrace Russell

Each month, Burritt on the Mountain recognizes a volunteer who goes above and beyond to assist our guests and staff. This month, we celebrate December’s Volunteer of the Month, AnaGrace Russell.

AnaGrace recently earned the United States Congress award for young Americans. Earning the Congressional Award is a fun and interesting way to get more involved in a non-profit and try something new for the first time. We are so glad AnaGrace chose Burritt! She received the Bronze medal and the Gold certificate for outstanding contributions to her community and undertaking the values of initiative, service and achievement.

To get to know AnaGrace better, we asked her Why Volunteer at Burritt? in three questions:

How did you get involved with Burritt on the Mountain?

I got involved because I was looking to find a place I could volunteer with kids. I have spent most of my time working the summer camps or volunteering with kids craft at various events.

What do you find most rewarding?

It was very rewarding to be able to spend time with the kids outside in nature. These days many kids spend so much time on a computer, it is nice to unplug,  get outdoors and learn a few things about the old ways of life in Alabama.

What do you think makes Burritt such a special place?

One of the things that I think is special is the giant cross that sits on the mountain top for all the city to see. I also love that the old ways of life have been preserved for all to enjoy.

We greatly appreciate AnaGrace’s valued time, energy, ideas and skills to help fulfill Burritt’s mission to enhance lives in our community.

Won’t you volunteer with us too?

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2019 Allie Swann Summit Award

Joe Segatti

Joe is a new volunteer and has been a huge help to Burritt. He has logged almost 600 hours since June 2019. He has been a part of the Burritt Brigade on Monday’s fixing and repairing and the rest of the week he jumps in whenever he sees a need and is willing to help everyone. We thank Joe for his valued time and abilities to solve some of Burritt’s operational challenges. His service has positively impacted Burritt at every corner and in between.