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Thanks to our wonderful volunteers for all you do to make Burritt on the Mountain a very special place!

Volunteer of the Month: Raymond King, III

November Volunteer of the Month: Raymond King, III

Burritt on the Mountain acknowledges a remarkable volunteer each month who goes above and beyond to assist guests and staff. This month, we are pleased to recognize Raymond King, III as the Volunteer of the Month.

Raymond has dedicated his time and energy to volunteer at Burritt on the Mountain since 2020. During this period, he has contributed over 100 hours of his time to support various special events, including but not limited to Easter Jubilee, Spring Farm Day, Super Saturdays, Fall Festival, Cocktails at The View, Dinners at The View, City Lights & Stars Concerts, Haunted Mansion Dinners, and Holiday Magic Dinners. We are truly grateful for his invaluable contributions, which have played a significant role in the success of Burritt’s programs. Raymond’s unwavering commitment to hospitality, his warm and engaging personality, are highly appreciated by all involved.

To get to know Raymond better, we asked him Why Volunteer at Burritt? in three questions:

How did you become involved with Burritt on the Mountain? I was on the hunt for some local Christmas events to attend and stumbled across a website that listed volunteer opportunities at Burritt on the Mountain. I reached out to express my interest in helping with the Holiday Magic dinners, and that’s how my amazing journey began! It was such a thrill to find a way to contribute to the thriving Huntsville community, and I felt like it was the perfect match for me.

What do you find most rewarding about volunteering at Burritt? I truly believe that the most fulfilling aspect of volunteering is creating unforgettable experiences and sharing the rich history with everyone involved. Personally, I love putting on costumes and serving at Burritt, which is always an incredible experience.

What makes Burritt such a special place? It is an exceptional hub for history education and immersive community engagement, where local and national history comes to life through unforgettable experiences. I highly recommend it as a must-visit destination in Huntsville and urge every tourist in the area to include it in their itinerary! The breathtaking views offered here are simply unmissable, providing one of the best panoramas the city has to offer. The dedicated staff at Burritt is truly remarkable, infusing the place with their unwavering commitment and making it an incredibly delightful place to be.

Raymond’s contributions to Burritt on the Mountain’s mission and vision by volunteering his time, skills, and resources are crucial to the museum’s success and sustainability. We are immensely grateful for his dedication!

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2022 Burritt Volunteer of the Year Award: Dawn Pumpelly

We treasure the time she gives, and her talented leadership. Dawn is the most recent past Board President. She is currently serving her second term on the Burritt Board of Directors and is Chair of the Governance Committee. Prior to serving on the Board, she served on our Advisory Council for 3 years and as Chairperson. We treasure the many talents Dawn freely shares with us and so many others in our community through her role as owner and editor of Scout Guide Huntsville. Burritt has long been a place full of events that she and her family have made traditions. Her love for Burritt especially at the holidays, brings she and her mother together to assemble fruit fans year after year and what once was a family holiday outing attending Candlelight Christmas is now a volunteer tradition for her family with her husband and son. Dawn also shares her financial treasure with us, and for that we are truly grateful. What we love most about her is that she truly embodies Heartfelt Hospitality, Burritt’s rallying cry. Thank you, Dawn, for being such a treasured member of the Burritt family!