Volunteer Recognition

Volunteers of the Month

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers for all you do to make Burritt on the Mountain a very special place!

November 2019 - Maria Camp

Each month, Burritt on the Mountain recognizes a volunteer who goes above and beyond to assist our guests and staff.

The November Volunteer of the Month award goes to Maria Camp


Maria has volunteered at Burritt for over a year and has been a wonderful asset to the Education Department and to our Special Events programs. During this span, she has given over 220 hours of her valued time to support Burritt.

Maria has volunteered with camps, field trips, super Saturdays, annual events and festivals, as well as many special events like Cocktails at The View. Maria shines when she is teaching children about mining in Alabama and panning for gems at the sluice.  Her love for interacting with young children and her joyful and kind nature make kids feel comfortable instantly and makes learning fun! She also brings her own artistic flare with her and has given great ideas to add to presentations.

Maria drives over an hour each way to volunteer.  When asked why she chose to spend her valued time at Burritt, she said: “It’s fun to learn new things and help other people learn things they didn’t know. I love meeting and interacting with people in such a pleasant environment. There’s a real sense of community at Burritt on the Mountain that always makes me feel at home. I really love the old buildings, the view, the people, and all the interesting animals.”


Maria is a dedicated, talented volunteer and has brought lots of enthusiasm to Burritt.  Thank you Maria for all you do to support Burritt on the Mountain.

Past Winners

October 2019 – Carole and Richard Hamm

September 2019 – Joe Segatti

August 2019 – Abigail Moore

July 2019 – Trish Carpenter

June 2019 – Bethany Turner

May 2019 – Mary Wilson

April 2019 – Sydney Hoffmeyer

March 2019 – Elders Johnson and Knight from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

February 2019 – Allen Godwin

January 2019 – Joseph Fantroy

December 2018 – The Burritt Brigade

November 2018 –  Kevin Yarbrough

October 2018 – Christina Bagdazian

September 2018 – Tiffany Unterholzer

August 2018 – Shaylee Dutro, Riley Alexander and Aemilia Sturgeon

July 2018 – Nancy Butler

June 2018 – Scott Mosley

May 2018 – Angela Farmer

April 2018 – Graham Foster and Michael Clark

March 2018 – Betty Cherry

February 2018 – Michael Dueck

January 2018 – Bryant Saiki

December 2017 – Phil Coker

November 2017 – Judy Berry

October 2017 – Ron Thomas

September 2017 – Lowell Zoller

August 2017 – Chloe Darden

July 2017 – Gabriella Stovall

June 2017 – Bob Felis

May 2017 – Kari Boisvert

April 2017 – Alabama A&M University’s Honors Program Volunteers, led by Kennedy Copeland

March 2017 – Hazel Green Culinary Arts Classes, led by Caitlyn Bowling

February 2017 – Jean Salter

January 2017 – Megan Anders

December 2016 – Patty Fitzgerald

November 2016 – Anne Sentell

2018 Allie Swann Summit Award

Angela Farmer

Angela has been Teresa’s right arm for ten years. Angela has logged over 2,000 hours in that ten year span, a decade. Angela has been instrumental in maintaining the database and helping with correspondence. That is dedication! We know it is Wednesday because Angela is at Burritt!

2018 Frances Sisco Award

Carol Williamson

Carol has served as the Guild President for the past three years. Carol’s enthusiasm for Burritt on the Mountain radiates with excitement and vision for what is to come. Her support of Burritt on the Mountain has been instrumental as we promote and grow our programs.