Nature Trails

Walk or Hike Burritt's Beautiful Nature Trails

Enjoyable all year round

Nature Trails wind through the woods and around the mountain, taking hikers past historic coal mines and limestone rock formations. Burritt on the Mountain is also a site listed on the Huntsville/ Madison County Birding Trail.

During the spring enjoy a day hike through the beauty of the wildflowers that blanket the forest floor and in the fall enjoy the colorful landscape. From the Rock Bluff Trail that encircles Round Top Mountain, take a side hike on one of the Discovery Trails to the Big Cove Turnpike Trail or the Trough Springs Trail.

Restrooms, drinking fountains, snacks and beverages are located in the Welcome Center near the Museum’s main parking area. Volunteers help us keep the trails beautiful for everyone. If you would like to be part of the volunteer experience, click here.

The Burritt Trails are open the same time the Burritt Park is open. If you enter the trails and park in our parking lot, please be aware that we lock our gate (at the bottom of the driveway) at the close of the business day.

Trail Map