Melodies on the Mountain

Melodies on the Mountain: Learning through Music

The Story of Southern Music

A collaboration with The Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation (MDMEF)

Tuesday, September 29 10-11:30am

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Burritt’s educators have teamed up with the Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation (MDMEF) to inspire youth in North Alabama through music education right here on Round Top Mountain.  MDMEF works with educators and musicians to develop lesson plans that effectively pair music presentations with academic standards to inspire our local youth through music education, which has a proven relationship to academic achievement. Burritt has invited MDMEF to share “The Story of Southern Music” a history lesson about instruments, lyrics, and music in our own backyard.  Microwave Dave and the Nukes will use their talents and expertise to take you on a musical journey through time.  Please come ready to clap your hands, and tap your toes as you learn from professional musicians to experience the joy of music while outside on the mountain enjoying Burritt’s amazing view of the valley.  After the performance Burritt teachers will help students create their own popsicle-stick harmonica to take home.

Limited tickets are available for this program which is designed for students ages 5-12 years old.  All students must be accompanied by an adult and the cost is $8 for Burritt members and $12 for nonmembers. Participants are encouraged to pack a picnic lunch and visit the museum grounds after the program.  Scholarships are available, please contact Alice Kirsch for more information at or 256-512-0148.

This program will take place outside with social distancing guidelines in place.  All visitors are encouraged to wear masks during the performance and masks are mandatory when you are inside buildings or within 6 feet of other visitors, volunteers or staff members.

Registration opens Monday September 14th at 8am. 

Registration closes September 28, 2020 at Noon.

Information concerning children who are accompanied by an adult other than their legal guardian:

Burritt asserts that it is the responsibility of the chaperone(s) and the legal guardians to ensure that when a child is not accompanied by their legal guardian to Burritt that the following conditions are met:

  • Chaperone(s) will have phone numbers on their person to contact the child(ren)’s legal guardians,
  • Chaperone(s) will possess information on their person about any medical condition which might affect the child(ren) during the field trip or activity, including any necessary medical supplies, medication, or instructions,
  • Chaperone(s) will have written permission on their person, acknowledging the legal guardian’s consent for the chaperone(s) to supervise the child(ren), transport the child(ren) to/from Burritt, and seek medical treatment for the child(ren) in the case of an emergency, and
  • Chaperone(s) will possess any other information, permissions, or items necessary to ensure the safety of the child(ren) attending Burritt.

All pods, groups and individuals are responsible for ensuring that they possess the foregoing documents and information in order to participate in a field trip or activity at Burritt on the Mountain. Promotional photos will be taken during this event.