The Whimsical Woods Flip Flopped

Where Literature comes Alive through Art.


The Whimsical Woods are back, and they have been flipped upside down! Many new characters have arrived in the woods. Their homes in forests, plains, and oceans around the world are being damaged by pollution, deforestation, and wildfires, and they need help from Will, Felicity and the other heroes of the Whimsical Woods!

In the woods, you’ll find the stories of familiar characters and our new friends. As you journey through over 25 stations in the storybook forest, you and your family can dive into classic stories from Rumpelstiltskin to the Wizard of Oz. Try your hand at fun games and activities, like balancing on the Billy Goats’ bridge or panning for gems at the Seven Dwarfs’ sluice. At each station, you’ll learn what it takes to be an eco-hero to save the homes of our new friends and protect our planet for everyone.

Download Whimsical Woods Stories Here

Download Rapunzel’s braiding activity here. 

Keep your eyes peeled throughout the park for enchanting sculptures from recycled materials, including the marvelous flip flop art from Ocean Sole Africa. You won’t want to miss this magical Burritt experience!

Learn more about Ocean Sole HERE. 

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